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HARDCORE Pursuit Approved Fishing Outfitters

The outfitters associated with HARDCORE Pursuit are some of the finest fishing outfitters and guides on the planet.  We've been traveling across the US and Canada for many, many years and know when we see a good outfitter that we'd feel comfortable referring to our friends, family, sponsors and viewers.  Meet the fine team of HARDCORE Pursuit APPROVED Outfitters....

Check out some of the best OUTFITTERS & GUIDES in the business.....


Gangler's North Seal Bay Lodge
5 Star - Orvis Endorsed Lodge
Giant Pike - Lake Trout - Artic Grayling - Trophy Walleye


Gangler's has some of the best Northern Fishing in North America!  If you want to catch Giant Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout and Grayling
all in the same day.... visit Ganglers North Seal Bay Lodge.  This 5 Star - Orvis Endorsed Fly In Lodge offers some of the best 
accomidations in North America.  Go Ganglers!!!

Contact Gangler's: Phone 866.515.6343 
email: gangler1@cox.net



David Hartlin Guiding
Atlantic Salmon Specialists
Wild Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Newfoundland, Canada


Wild Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Newfoundland, Canada with 66% of North America's Wild Atlantic Salmon Rivers in Newfoundland & Labrador, we are able to offer, endless areas to fish within both of our Programs.  From swinging wets to dead drifting bombers the action Sea Run Atlantic's are sure to shake the knees of even the most seasoned fly fisher!

David Hartlin Guiding
Contact David Hartlin: Phone (902)817-5440

Pere Marquette River Lodge
Baldwin, MI - Platinum Orvis Fly Shop
Steelhead - Salmon - Rainbow Trout - Brown Trout

The Pere Marquette River is one of the best Steelhead, Trout and Salmon Rivers in all of Michigan.  The finest Lodge on the river is The PM Lodge!  Frank Willets and his staff will outfit and guide you to some of the best fishing in the entire mid west. 

Contact Frank Willits : Phone (231)745-3972


Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Steelhead - Salmon - Trout

John Giuliani has been the authority of the St. Mary's River in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario since he was a teen ager. He's spent more time wading this river than anyone else on the planet.  He specializes in fishing the Lake Superior and Lake Huron migrations.  With the recent surge of Atlantic Salmon in the St. Mary's, John has become a very busy man.  The fishing in the St. Mary's is excellent! 

Contact John Giuliani: Phone (705)942.5473


Rugby Lake Lodge
Dryden / Eton Rugby, Ontario on Eagle Lake
Muskey - Walleye - Pan Fish - Lake Trout - Pike

Rugby Lake is located just 30 miles NW of Dryden, Ontario.  Jacqui and Dave have been guiding fishermen on Rugby Lake for almost 20 years.  Their extensive knowledge of Rugby Lake and the many surrounding lakes will have you into fish the entire time you're in camp.  You'll enjoy all the comforts of home in their modern lodging facility on the shores of beautiful Rugby Lake.

Contact Jacqui: Phone (807)937.5653 


Lake Trout - Splake - Rainbow Trout - Brown Trout 

Blue Lakes Resort is nestled in the heart of the Duck Mountain Provincial Park right between East and West Blue Lakes.  This beautiful setting is perfect for the family vacation.  Call Arch and Dawn today to book your fishing vacation of lifetime.  We also have some of the best "Big Woods" hunting in Manitoba! 

Contact Arch Dowsett: Phone (204)480.9393

King Salmon, Alaska
Ranibow Trout, Sockeye, King & Silver Salmon and Artic Char 

At the Naknek River Camp, we took a little different direction - we decided that Alaska needed an affordable choice. We offer a beautiful riverfront camp featuring 7 comfortable cabins located within Katmai National Park, just 7 or 8 miles upriver from Crystal Creek, also on the world famous Naknek River. We have quick access to both the Naknek River and also the 40 mile long Naknek Lake. We have a large deep-V welded aluminum power boat with a fast 4-stroke outboard to access the many great rivers that feed into Naknek Lake, including the Brooks River, where many of the famous brown bear photos have been taken.

Contact Jim Johnson: AK Phone: (907)246.2894 / MI Phone: (616)745.6066