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HARDCORE Pursuit Approved Hunting Outfitters

The outfitters associated with HARDCORE Pursuit are some of the finest hunting outfitters and guides on the planet.  We've been traveling across the US and Canada for many, many years and know when we see a good outfitter that we'd feel comfortable referring to our friends, family, sponsors and viewers.  Meet the fine team of HARDCORE Pursuit APPROVED Outfitters....

Check out some of the best OUTFITTERS and GUIDES in the business....... 


Rugby Lake Lodge
Ontario Big Game

Black Bear - Moose - Whitetail Deer

When it comes to large bodied bucks and dark, massive antlers - you have to think of hunting in Ontario. The folks at The Rugby Lake Lodge have been guiding deer, bear and moose hunters for decades. The guides from RLL have lived in the area their entire lives and know where the big boys hang out. You can expect a true Canadian hunt of a lifetime when you book a hunt with The Rugby Lake Lodge. HARDCORE Pursuit Host - Mike Pelletier has been hunting with Jacqui and Dave since the early 1990's and the hunting continues to get better each year. They have many great opportunities for Black Bear, Moose and trophy Whitetail Deer on thousands of land locked crown and private land.

Contact Jacqui: Phone (807)937.5653


Montana Big Game

Whitetail - Mule Deer - Antelope

Double D Outfitters is headquartered in the rolling hills of Eastern Montana. The area is home to Pronghorn, Antelope, Whitetail and Mule Deer. Craig Shell offers high quality - fair chase hunting experiences of a lifetime. Double D has exclusive rights on over 110,000 private acres in the Terry, MT area. Every fully guided hunt includes meals, lodging and transportation and their all personalized to fit your needs and budget. For the western hunt of a lifetime - contact Craig Shell at Double D Outfitters.

Contact Craig Schell: Phone (406)635-4896


South Texas Trophy Whitetails

Monster Whitetail - Waterfowl - Fishing - Family Fun!


The 501 is located just outside Uvalde, Texas, just 90 miles southwest of San Antonio, Texas. This massive piece of property is just under 12,000 acres and managed perfectly for growing and producing monster South Texas Brush Country Monster Whitetail Deer! This privately owned, professionally managed property has been, for 40 years, the exclusive refuge of a select few friends and family members. An extensive game-management program has been in place to improve the quality of all wildlife on the property. This property is now open to a limited number of sportsmen for exceptional hunting and recreational opportunities. It’s time for you to experience true S. Texas Trophy Hunting!

Contact: James Saunders: Phone (325)260-6641


SE Minnesota & SW Wisconsin 
Giant Farm Country Whitetail 


With Badgerland Adventures you'll enjoy hunting some of the richest, most productive whitetail habitat in the entire midwest.  SE Minnesota and SW Wisconsin is home to some of the best deer hunting on the planet!  We have thousands of highly managed acres to hunt with hundreds of stand locations to make sure we're dialed in throughout the season.  This opportunity comes highly reccomended by Team HCP!

Contact Jeremiah Olson: Phone (608)304-0555


Gangler's North Seal River Lodge
Fly In Northern Manitoba BIG GAME
Caribou - Moose - Black Bear - Wolf


Gangler's North Seal River Lodge is located just a few miles south of the Manitoba Tree Line.  The area is loaded with Moose, Caribou, Wolves, Black Bear and some of the best fishing in North America!  If you're looking for the hunt of a lifetime, contact the folks at Gangler's and make your dreams come true!


Contact Gangler's Phone: 866.515.6343


Performance Outdoors
Illinois Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting
Perfectly Guided Whitetail Hunting!


Performance Outdoors has some of the best ground to hunt in all of Illinois.  They're one of the states top quality hunting operations with thousands of private acres, hundreds of treestand sets and some of the best guides in the mid west.  Performance Outdoors is the place to go for a Whitetail Deer Hunt of a Lifetime!

Contact Jake Roach: Phone 970.471.8233


Manitoba Big Game
Black Bear - Moose - Elk - Whitetail - Caribou

Scott Smith has been a big game guide for more than half his life.  He's a second generation outfitter that truly knows how to take care of his clients and more importantly - get them into the game!  He specializes in Black Bear with many mature bear and color phase opportunities and whitetail deer.  You can also ask Scott about other big game opportunities in the province of Manitoba.

Contact Scott Smith: Phone (204)525-2121

Lucky Man Outfitters
Monster Bucks of Saskatchewan!
8000 Private Acres where the Farm Lands meet the Bush!


Lucky Man Outfitters are located just over 100 miles NW of Saskatoon, SK Canada.  They hunt the area where the SK Farmlands meet the thick northern bush!  With 8000 well managed, private acres... Lucky Man is the place to go for those 
Ledgendary Monster Canadian Bucks.  If you're looking for the Saskatchewan Hunt of a lifetime contact Ryley at Lucky Man!

Contact Ryley Deward: Phone 306.549.7501 


Monticello, Utah

Monster Utah Mule Deer


Canyonlands Lodge is located between Blanding and Monticello, Utah.  The Elevation ranges from 5,200 - 7,200 feet.  The typography for Spring Creek private hunt consists of farm and range lands with draws and washes. Spring Creek ranch is private property with almost no hunting pressure. During August & September the weather during the day is mostly in the 70's and the 60's at night, with a possibility of rain. Hunting mostly consists of tree stands or ground blinds, ambushing the deer to get them into bow range. We're located next to the town of Monticello, Utah.  Food and lodging is provided by Sean and Jerry Vogel and The Canyonlands Lodge. Continental Breakfast will be served when hunters awake for their days hunt and we'll have a hot meal waiting for you when you come back.  The terrain here in Utah is second to none!

Contact Jerry Vogel: Phone (623)587-0552